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How to shorten the path to your media (movie, music, or picture) folders!

For those that are *nix challenged (like me). Here are more detailed instructions. Make sure that 'Telnet Client' is installed on your Windows machine under 'Turn Windows features on or off'. Create the shares you want in Windows. My example will use the shares "Movies", Music", and "Photos". Know what the ip address is of your PBO and your Windows machine. Verify your shares work by opening up a Windows Explorer window and in the address bar type "//" and hit Enter. If you cannot find your shares, the PBO links will be empty.

Run cmd (to bring up a command prompt)

Type telnet (or whatever the ip address of you PBO is)

Type root
Venus login: root

This looks like it is only good for Stock PBO firmware and not for medeBO which has a root name of mede8tor.

Type vi /usr/local/etc/rcS (this is all case sensitive)
/ # vi /usr/local/etc/rcS

Hold in the down arrow until you get to the bottom.

Hit the End key to go to the last character of the last line.

Type i (this will put the editor into text insertion mode. Note the 'I' in the bottom left corner)

Right arrow one more time to get to the end of the line.

Hit the Enter key.


mkdir -p /tmp/ramfs/volumes/Movies
mkdir -p /tmp/ramfs/volumes/Music
mkdir -p /tmp/ramfs/volumes/Photos
sleep 10
mount -t cifs // -o username=guest /tmp/ramfs/volumes/Movies
mount -t cifs // -o username=guest /tmp/ramfs/volumes/Music
mount -t cifs // -o username=guest /tmp/ramfs/volumes/Photos(or whatever the ip address of your Windows machine with the shared drive is)

It would appear that this requires that your Win7 machine have a login as guest.

Hit the Esc key (this will get out of insertion mode. Note the 'I' will change to a '-')
Type :wq (which means save and quit)

Type exit (exit out of telnet)

Type exit (exit out of command prompt)

Reboot the PBO and then your shortcuts will appear in 2 clicks under the browsing and HDD.

You can change the options above to be a single Media shortcut if you have one single folder location that contains the subfolders you have. Upside is less editing of the RCS file but downside is adds one more click to the media access.

You'd have a Media share with Movies Music and Photos folders in it and change the 192.youripaddress/xxxx to 192.yourshareipaddress/Media (or whatever your share name is)

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