Adding wifi N to the PBO

The following N-adapters are compatible with the PBO:
- AWLL6075 Airlink101
- AWLL5077 Airlink101
- Patriot PCBOWAU2-N
- DLINK DWA-130 HW version E1
- Rokland's
- Zonet ZEW2546
- dealextreme branded (2R1T)
- dealextreme branded (1R1T)
- monoprice branded
- meritline branded
- TEW-648UB (Rev 1.0)
- TEW-649UB (Rev 1.0)L
- Asus USB-N10
- Belkin F5D8053 (v. 5000/6000)

The following wireless Realtek chipsets are compatible with the PBO (11N8709, RTL8187 and RTL8191SU)
Support for the following wireless RaLink chipsets can be added manually to the PBO (RT2571,RT2571W,RT2572,RT2573,RT2671,RT2770,RT2870,RT307x and RT3572USB)

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